Ren's Programming Corner

Good god, new content 31 May 2008
Incredible as it may sound, I've got something new to put on the site.

Here's a little program called Gifmove.

This program searches for animated GIF images in your current and all subsequent subdirectories. If an animated GIF is found it will be moved to the location you specified, recreating the original directory tree it was found in. The advantage being that you can easily move files back if needed. And it will never overwrite files with the same name, since the files will be in separate directories.

The only 'problem' you might encounter is that some images call themselves animated while only having 1 frame. So these images will get moved but will not in fact be animated. This is rare though and you can always move them back without any trouble.

Gifmove is a native WIN32 command line application and has been tested under Windows XP.